National Vision

Our vision is integral human development achieved through an affordable education system that appreciates Christian and traditional values, and that prepares literate, skilled and healthy citizens by concentrating on the growth and development of each individual's personal viability and character formation, while ensuring all can contribute to the peace and prosperity of the nation.

Our Vision

A Healthy Population and a Literate Society for Manus

The Provincial Vision is to create a healthy population and a literate society for Manus. The integral human development as depicted in the above vision is consistent with the National Constitution, and the Philosophy of Education.

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The survival of any society depends upon education. It helps improve the social, political and economic development of the people. It also changes the intellectual attitudes, which effect
progress and makes growth possible. The Manus society has followed the traditional
characteristics of social, political and economic development based on the hereditary ranking.
This traditional system of development was undercut as a result of colonisation and the
introduction of a modern education system. History has shown that education has
transformed many societies in Papua New Guinea in many different ways and Manus is
no exception.

Provincial Administration

Manus Provincial Administration is the implementing arm of the Government. It has a total of 281 officers in the establishment. The Provincial Administrator is the administrative head of the province. Again, unlike other provinces it does not have District Administrators; instead the Provincial Administrator is assisted by two Deputy Administrators and twelve Assist1ant Administrators.The significant issues arising from this situation are the questions of do we have a cost effective service delivery administration, the quantity and quality staff and other bureaucratic factors that become the obstacles to high level performances and quality outputs.

Education Data